• How long are the review courses?
Each course is 6 hours long. Teachers will provide breaks throughout the day and there will be a 1 hour break for lunch.
  • Where are the courses located?

All courses are being held at the NYIT Old Westbury Campus. NYIT Old Westbury is located on Northern Boulevard, east of Glen Cove Road and west of Route 107.

  • What do students need to bring to the class?

Each student should bring pen/pencil and a notebook/paper for note taking. If your child is taking a science or a math course, they should bring the calculator they will be using on the exam with them. 

  • Do students need to bring lunch with them?

All students should bring lunch, snacks, and drinks with them. Lunch may be available on campus for those taking Advanced Placement classes in April but, during the months of May and June the campus cafeteria may not be open.

  •  Are refunds available if I need to cancel my reservation?

Refunds will be provided as long as the cancellation is made two weeks prior to the course start date. After that date, refunds will not be given. You may change your class date at any time, provided there is still room available. 

  • What are the classrooms like?

All classrooms have air conditioning and students may want to bring a sweater just in case. Students will have ample seating and all classroom have up to date technology.

  • What are the dates of the exams? 
You Regents Exam calendar is located here:
The AP Exam calendar is located here: